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Not everyone is in a position to purchase gold by the ounce, however, most are in a position to purchase in smaller, portable increments of 1, 2.5 and 5 gram ingot bars. Karatbars Affiliate members are there to help others in that process. Karatbars International is committed to putting gold bullion of the highest quality, into hands of the masses in small, practical units as a personal savings plan, and as a hedge against inflation or sudden currency devaluation. Karatbars provides a unique way for the aforementioned individuals to save, by offering an alternative to banks and paper money (fiat money). Prices start at about $60US per gram and as you will see in the chart below, Karatbars prices are quite competitive. Karatbars also offer a unique 100 gram card. Larger quantities are available for those in a position to purchase same. If you are a package purchasing Karatbars Affiliate (explained below) you receive 3% off any purchases made for one year.

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Learn more about Karatbars International and the Opportunity it has to offer via the following short videos.

Preserving Your Buying Power Video with Matt Rettick 4:29:

The Karatbars 12 Week Strategy for Affiliates to Build A Tremendous Weekly Residual Income with Matt Rettick:

Although one can register as an Affiliate free, open a gold savings account and earn sales commissions from direct referrals ONLY, the real money to be made by Affiliates with Karatbars will be earned by our business package purchasing Affiliates.


There are many different levels at which you can join Karatbars, from free, to Bronze, $135US, Silver $350, and Gold $800. VIP, which you will see below, is THE package to purchase if you're in a position to do so. It's the package that every Affiliate will eventually attain. If you are in a position to purchase a VIP package when you join, you are much further ahead. You can, however, upgrade from one package to the next at any time. Simply click on package upgrade in your backoffice. ( You only have to pay the difference ) Also, if one of your affiliates upgrade you get credit for the ‘partial’ upgrade. The biggest difference in the Karatbar packages are the amounts you will make per cycle. For example, if you have a bronze package your earnings will be closer to $10.00 when you cycle. If you have a VIP package, you will make over $100.00.


COST: Approximately $2,000US (One Time Fee)
Gold: Three One Gram Gold Classic Cards
Bonus Cards: Ten 3% Bonus Discount Cards and twenty 100 Euro Bonus Cards

Affiliate Commissions: You earn 20% commission, or $400 (give or take depending on pricing) on every VIP package sold to someone that you directly sponsored ( $26.00 for a Bronze affiliate, $60 for a Silver affiliate, $150.00 for a Gold Affiliate at time of writing) The vast majority of Affiliates recover their original costs within weeks.

Dual Team commissions: You ALSO earn approximately $100 EVERY TIME you have 50 units on one side and 25 units on the other side of your Dual Team System. This is 20 TIMES more than Bronze Affiliates earn , 5 TIME MORE than Silver Affiliates earn and 2 TIMES more than what Gold Affiliates earn.

NOTE: The following are the units added into the Dual Team regardless of where they fall in your dual team structure or who directly referred them:

(Bronze package adds 5 units , Silver Package adds 20 units, Gold Package adds 50 units and VIP Package adds 100 units).units explained below

What are Karatbars Units?

Karatbars Units are similar to points that an affiliate earns when products are sold in their downline. Each product is assign a certain number of Units and when the correct number of Units are achieved in each leg commission is earned per cycle. How often can you cycle? As soon as you get 25 units in one leg and 50 units in the other. Many of our Affiliates cycle numerous times daily. When you cycle, you will be paid in accordance to the Karatbars package you purchased. ( Units are like dollars in profit. Not people )

As you can see there are many ways for you and your downline to earn Units. You can keep track of your Units on your FREE Karatbars website. They break it down for you so you can see which affiliates in your downline have purchased different products along with the Units earned for each product.

The Income

If you decide to become a package purchasing Affiliate, you have residual income for life, but either way, at the end of the day, any of the paper currency that you turned into gold is yours to keep. YOU ARE LEFT WITH SOMETHING OF VALUE.

2 x Direct commission:

Karatbars offers a direct commission from both the Unilevel plan AND from the Dual System Pay Plan for package purchasing Affiliates.

No matter how large your organization grows, you will always maintain every unit earned in your organization.

All you need is to refer a minimum of two partners and place one on the left and one on the right.

Every product that Karatbars offers has a unit value attached. A cycle is generated once you have 50 Units on one side and 25 Units on the other.

In the Unilevel Pay Plan, you can receive up to 6% direct commission depending on your rank or volume. This means that you can potentially receive 26% direct commission on ALL Karatbars products. The potential weekly and monthly commission earnings with Karatbars has proved to be extremely lucrative.

The above figures represent a "perfect build" based on purchasing BRONZE and SILVER packages respectively, and ALL others in your organization coming in at BRONZE, our "budget" package, aligning themselves with two like minded individuals, and everyone moving $60 a week into 1 gram of gold. The numbers are far more significant should you elect to purchase a Gold or VIP package. Obviously not all affiliates attain perfection, however, many do. Like anything else in life, the outcome is dependent upon the effort you put into it and the time you have to devote yourself to it. I'm sure you would agree that any WEEKLY residual income, is welcome income! The vast of our Affiliates recover start up costs within weeks. Please remember as an affiliate you do not NEED to recruit anyone, you can simply introduce customers and earn an income from the gold they save, or the products they buy.

So basically what it comes down to is, you earn free gold and monetary commissions, simply for sharing this info with others.This is a currency grade gold savings program, not a buying program where you have to keep selling products and customers have to keep spending money. It is a savings program. And who doesn’t want to save for their future? At the end of the day, the most important thing for you to do, is secure your position in this company now, as it is growing at an extraordinary rate, selling over 53,500 kilos of gold in 2013 and it currently operates in 123 countries since entering the market in 2011!

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Commissions are loaded onto your own private MasterCard weekly.